Founded in 2017 by Agustina Fortunato, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently headquartered in northern Portugal.  With a background in political science, art history, and curatorial practices, combined with 6 years of studying glass techniques like blowing and lamp-working, NINFA is a harmonious blend of diverse backgrounds. Here, craftsmanship, and the art of glass converge to create something truly unique and special. 

Specialising in glass manipulation, Agustina shapes each piece that is then meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using metal and glass. Each piece exudes attentively care, appealing directly to your unique sense of style.

 A testament to the beauty found in everyday inspiration, sources of inspiration are diverse, however, the essence of NINFA originated from a memorable journey to Italy. The vivid scent and vibrant hues of Sorrento's lemons ignited the creation of our original lemon earrings.

At NINFA, our mission is to craft jewellery that blends playfulness with sophistication. Our pieces are both visually captivating and effortlessly delicate, capturing the essence of fleeting moments. Each creation reflects the diverse facets of life, inviting you to embrace its beauty and share your unique narrative