Nina Kammerer: A conversation on sustainability, fashion and inspiration

Nina Kammerer: A conversation on sustainability, fashion and inspiration

Nina was born in Germany, and she is now based in Vienna. Co-founder, creative director and stylist at @studio.terrible & @terrible.mag.

These days, between breakfast at home and loud music morning routines, she’s been cooking terrible.mag third edition alongside Vrinda, co-founder and photographer based in London.

Terrible magazine arises as an annual independent print magazine dedicated to consciousness fashion and art.

How did Terrible.mag start?

I said to Vrinda after seeing each other I think… Twice, if she wanted to start a project together, we are pretty much a perfect match because if one has an idea we can bring it to the table, as we have similar aesthetics and interest, together we figure it out and we bring it to life. We are on the phone quite often, we are a very good team.

Nina explains she wanted to create a space to provide her styling while being aligned with her convictions, an approach she could not find when styling for unsustainable brands.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from lots of places. I really love magazines, seeing what other photographers are doing, films taking place in other time frames, museums and the garments on the paintings.

Do you have a morning routine?

l get up, do my skincare first, make my filter coffee and usually do the dishes and so, I sit down to very loud music when I do home-office. In the afternoon, almost everyday I go to my coffee place, where I used to work a while ago. I take my break there and have social contact, it's kind of my second home. On other days I work on samples and sew and my routine is the same. If I have errands to do, or prepare for an interview, take photos or loan/bring back clothing for photoshoots, I just usually leave the house and grab a coffee on the way. I'm really bad when it comes to breakfast, I skip it most of the time.

What does sustainability look like in your eyes?

Sustainability is the flowing dialogue between two things, the first being how the piece communicates with the environment: the fabrics used, recycling methods in the company, usage of dead stocks and dying procedures. The following would naturally be the fact that there is no sustainable development if the people involved in it can't make a living wage out of their job.

The future for studio.terrible flows with a steady collection which brings women suits to mix and march, produced by a heartwarming project taking place in Vienna, giving a chance to unemployed women to learn the craft and spend 6 to 8 months employed, leaving the facility with a new learned skill. On a final note, taking long enough time to raise awareness and help create ethical, trustworthy and honest brands, true to the creators values seems to be the way many young creators choose to support not only their passion but other women along the way.

Nina is wearing Terrible Studio collection and Ninfa Handmade pieces.

If you want to get to know more about the project you can visit their sites

Thank you Nina!

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